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COVID-19 Student Advisory Task Force

Jun. 15, 2020

Good Morning Scotties,

I hope this email finds you all well. As you may know, the COVID-19 Student Advisory Task Force has been working and brainstorming diligently to ensure that we are accommodating the needs of the student body during these unprecedented times. The Student Advisory Task Force meets weekly to discuss issues. Below are the recommendations as of June 9, 2020.

We appreciate your questions, comments, and ideas so please continue to provide your suggestions. Below, I have outlined the key recommendations that have been made by the Student Advisory Task Force. Please note that the information below consists of only suggestions since nothing has been finalized as of yet.

Returning to Campus in Fall 2020
The college is currently making plans to return to campus in the Fall. The details of our return will take into consideration CDC guidelines, access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and testing, and the overall health and safety of the campus. Students will receive official college communication concerning the return to campus in early July.

COVID-19 Testing & Student Access to PPE
The Student Advisory Task Force seeks to make all recommendations that correspond with the suggestions made by both the Health Advisory Group and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As of right now, the college is working to ensure that financially accessible and reliable COVID-19 testing is available to students. Details concerning access to PPE will be provided at a later time, but the Task Force encourages students to purchase their own PPE if they can.

On-Campus Housing & Dining
The Task Force will be meeting with Jessica Foxworth, Director of Residence Life, and Armand Holland, Director of Dining Services, at our next meeting on June 16 to gather more information.

Residence Halls: Due to the large population of students that plan to reside on campus in the fall, it is not feasible for each student to have a single room. However, there are some considerations about placing screens between beds in efforts to practice physical distancing as much as possible in double rooms.

Communal Bathrooms and Spaces: Due to the ability for the virus to spread via infected surfaces, consistent cleaning and sanitization of communal spaces will be crucial. It has been recommended that RAs and students collaborate to create shifts for showering and bathroom use as well as use of all communal spaces to follow CDC guidelines for groups and physical distancing.

On-Campus Dining: Dining in Evans will be limited, but we will make certain that students are provided with a dining experience to some extent. The Task Force is in communication with Dining Services to ensure that students with dietary restrictions and irregular eating schedules are accommodated upon their return to campus.

The Student Advisory Task Force has made the following recommendations in efforts to restructure On-Campus Dining to oblige to restrictions imposed by COVID-19:

Group Eating System: Students should have a designated eating time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining Services can collaborate with ITS to provide students with a group number/letter on their ID cards that will allow the dining staff to ensure that students are only getting their meals during the time that is shown on their ID cards.

Bag Lunch Program: Dining Staff will prepare bag lunches everyday that will be labeled with ingredients. Students will come into the dining hall, grab a bag lunch, and leave during lunch hours.

Meal Delivery Service: The Student Advisory Task Force will discuss a delivery service that is similar to Uber Eats and GrubHub with Armand Holland. Instead of students using their personal funds to purchase food, the cost would be deducted from their meal plan for the academic year.

Courses, Office-Hours, and Online Learning
The Student Advisory Task Force will meet with the Instructional Planning Task Force to inform our future suggestions about both in-person and online learning. A dual form of learning, which is a combination of the two simultaneously, has been recommended. However, faculty will have the final decision on how they will proceed with their courses for the academic year.

The COVID-19 Student Advisory Task Force appreciates all questions, comments, and other feedback. To ensure that we are addressing all student concerns, please complete the COVID-19 Student Feedback Form.

I have listed the various Task Forces and their co-chairs for your convenience.

COVID-19 Presidential Task Force:
1. Ken England
2. Karen Goff

Instructional Planning Task Force:
1. Regine Jackson
2. Amy Lovell

Campus Operations Task Force:
1. Jessica Foxworth
2. Dawn Killenberg

Student Retention and Persistence Task Force:
1. Jennifer Cannady
2. Yves-Rose Porcena

Best Regards,
Jasmine Paul & Amaris Sawyer