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Global Journeys is the interdisciplinary foundation of Agnes Scott’s global learning curriculum. Taught by professors from a wide range of majors, Global Journeys introduces students to the global patterns and systems that have shaped and continue to shape people’s lives. All sections of Global Journeys discuss four common topics: globalization; identity/self/other/culture; imperialism/colonialism/diaspora; ethics of travel. Each section also provides a unique perspective on global issues defined by the professor’s expertise and the section’s theme and travel destination. Readings, films, reflection activities, and on-site community engagement create a dynamic and interactive learning environment that forms the foundation for students’ global learning throughout their four years on campus.  


Journeys 2021


Journeys 2021 - Astronomy and Discovery 
Journeys 2021 - Diversity and Health 
Journeys 2021 - Fashion Capitals: Image and Industry
Journeys 2021 - Global Cities 
Journeys 2021 - Identity, Globalization, and Social Change
Journeys 2021 - Industrialization and Scientific Progress, Benefits, and Costs 
Journeys 2021 - Islamic Art and Architecture 
Journeys 2021 - Marine Ecosystems 
Journeys 2021 - Marronage, Freedom and Resistance in the African Diaspora 
Journeys 2021 - Migration and Art in the Open City
Journeys 2021 - Music, Art, and Community
Journeys 2021 - Postcolonial Legacies 
Journeys 2021 - The Presence of the Past in Germany and the U.S.



Journeys 2020

*The Class of 2023 Journeys Immersion trips have been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.


 Please note this list is updated often to reflect changes to course listings and titles.


What Comes Next?

Scotties waste no time in sharing their experiences and preparing for their next global learning experience! After completing your first year at Agnes Scott, a year rich with engaging dialogue and life-changing experiences that span the globe, you’ll be prepared to continue your exploration as an upper-class Scottie through Global Awareness and Independent Study Abroad.

See for yourself! Check out Scotties' experiences on Global ASC 2020. While you're in the neighborhood, learn more about global learning from Agnes herself on Agnes Abroad!

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