Observatory Archives

Architect's rendering An architect's rendering by Clarence T. Jones of Chattanooga, TN shows the building as planned in the late 1940s. The caption reads: "Proposed University Center Observatory. This is to be located about one-fourth mile south of the Agnes Scott campus, on a site that is high and relatively free of city lights. It will cost about $85,000."
Newspaper article A newspaper article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the arrival of the Beck Telescope at Agnes Scott College.
Pencil sketch Pencil sketch of the Beck Telescope by Bill Close, one of the founding members of the Atlanta Astronomy Club, made upon its arrival at the Observatory.
1950 etching A 1950 etching of the Bradley Observatory, showing the western elevation. This etching was used for the President's Christmas card in that year.
Original Advertisement The original advertisement from Popular Astronomy (October 1948, Volume LVI, Number 8) for the Beck Telescope. All the listed equipment is stored in the Observatory dome.
Sky and Telescope The Bradley Observatory was dedicated on June 3, 1950. In September 1950, a few months after its dedication, the Bradley Observatory appeared on the cover of Sky & Telescope. The Sky & Telescope article describes the Observatory and the early days of astronomy at Agnes Scott College.
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