Program participants must enroll in SPA 206 "Spanish Culture in Spain" for the Spring semester. This required course for participation in the summer program will count for 2 elective credits. Students will then receive an additional 6 credits that will transfer from the University of Oviedo. A grade will appear on Agnes Scott transcripts for this work, but it will not factor into your GPA. In short:

  • 2 graded credits (SPA 206)*+ 6 transfer credits = 8 total credits for ASC Spain
  • Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students who complete SPA 102 and 201 before departure will receive 6 credits that satisfy the foreign-language standard graduation requirement an 2 additional elective credits*.
  • Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students who complete SPA 202 and above before departure will receive 6 credits towards the major and minor in Spanish and 2 additional elective credits.  
  • Note that SPA 206 does not satisfy any requirements of the Agnes Scott major or minor in Spanish, but will appear on your transcript with a grade.
  • Also note that program coursework does not substitute for any specific on-campus pre-requisites except SPA 202. SPA 205 is still the pre-requisite for all courses numbered SPA 323 and above.
  • Assignments, materials and announcements related to SPA 206 will appear on the Moodle site that will be established and maintained for that course during the Spring and Summer.

Class Schedule

1.  From Monday June 6th through Friday July 1st students will attend University of Oviedo classes from 9:30 am to 2:00 following, more or less, the following schedule:

9:30 - 11:00: language class
11:00 - 11:30: break
11:30 - 1:00: language class
1:00 - 2:00: continued language study for beginning-level students;
art, literature or conversation modules* for intermediate and advanced students

*Students will choose a module each week (for a total of 4). The content of these modules change each week so that they can be repeated.

2.  Students will continue to meet (albeit less frequently) to complete the Agnes Scott portion of the academic experience. The schedule of this final segment of SPA 206 will be determined after arrival in Oviedo.

Some FAQs:

How will students know which class (level) they should take?
You will take a brief placement exam on the first day of classes that tests grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. In some cases there may be a brief oral interview.

Does the placement exam determine the ASC course equivalency?
No. The Oviedo exam and program test different aspects of language learning than ASC's own placement test and so your equivalency is determined by the coursework you complete prior to departure.

How will students be graded?
For the U. of Oviedo classes there will be a final exam for the language class and papers for the “módulos” (subject to revision by Oviedo faculty). Evaluation for SPA 206 will be detailed on the course syllabus.

Is there an attendance policy?
Students must attend at least 90% of their U. of Oviedo classes. The attendance policy for ASC-related activities (including SPA 206) will be announced.

What is the class size?
Typically each class has about 20 students.

Will there be non-Agnes Scott students in our classes?
Yes.  You can expect to meet other American students (including men) from Temple University (PA), Salem State College (MA), the University of Missouri and institutions (mostly from the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest) affiliated with AHA International. Many of these students will be living in residence halls.

Who do we contact if there is a problem?
You are encouraged to speak with your instructor (just like at home). The ASC resident director is also available for academic support.