Tree Walk

Through the 100-acre campus of Agnes Scott College, with more than 1750 trees comes a new way of interacting with organisms that play such an important role in our daily lives. Dominated by hardwoods, such as oaks, maples, and tulip poplars, graced with softwood pines and evergreens, the Agnes Scott Arboretum has a flourish of colors through every season.


If you are touring the arboretum remotely from your computer, use the categories in the sidebar menu to select trees and topics of interest to you.

If you are on campus, first use your smart phone to download from the Marketplace or App Store a free QR code reader or barcode scanner. Then look for the plaques located around campus with the Arboretum logo and the QR code. Use the interactive map to create your own tour of the Arboretum or use one of our planned tours by searching by location, tree, or topic.

This QR code will take you directly to the main mobile site. 

Our mobile site for the Agnes Scott Arboretum has been optimized for a mobile browser. This allows you to experience the website on the go. See the bottom of the page to switch back and forth between the mobile and full site.

Along with the QR codes, make sure to check out the audio tracks located on each page. Listen to the voices of Agnes Scott alumnae, professors, and community members who have their own individual ties to the campus and its trees.

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