Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo trees can be found growing in many places around the Agnes Scott Arboretum, including at the tour stop that we call Living Fossils.


The Ginkgo tree, or Ginkgo biloba, is a deciduous tree that is native to China, but cultivated around the world, including here in Georgia.  At its full height, it normally grows from 66-115 feet tall.  They are large trees, and their most recognizable feature is their unique leaves.  The Ginkgo tree has small, fan-shaped leaves which are usually bright green, but turn to a deep saffron yellow hue in the fall.  You can identify these leaf features in the photo below of the leaves of a Ginkgo tree at the Agnes Scott Arboretum.

Ginkgo Leaf

A bit of Ginkgo Treevia–Ginkgo trees are extremely hardy; the Ginkgo trees growing in Hiroshima, Japan even survived the devastating atomic bomb attack to the city during World War II.  Those very ginkgos are still alive and healthy today.

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