Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood trees can be found growing in the Agnes Scott Arboretum, including at the tour stop that we call Living Fossils.

The Dawn Redwood tree, or Metasequoia, is a deciduous tree that is native to China, but the species has also been successfully introduced here in Georgia, and in many other places around the world.  At its full height, this tree will grow to at least 200 feet high.  It can be identified by its spongy bark, fluted trunk, and small, bright green opposite leaves that look almost like short needles.  You can identify these leaf features in the photo below of the leaves of a Dawn Redwood at the Agnes Scott Arboretum.

Dawn Redwood Leaves


A bit of Dawn Redwood Treevia–These trees, once thought to be extinct, are identical to the fossils of their ancestors, made 65 million years ago.  Dawn redwood trees have remained the same, without any significant evolutionary changes, since the Cretaceous period.

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