American Elm

American Elm trees can be found growing in many places around the Agnes Scott Arboretum, including at the tour stop that we call Trees & Disease.

The American Elm tree, or Ulmus americana, is a deciduous tree that is native to Georgia, and all across eastern North America.  If not affected by Dutch elm disease, this tree commonly grows to around 100 feet high.  It can be identified by its wide, umbrella-like canopy, small, purple-brown flowers, and simple green alternate leaves, with rough upper surfaces and small “teeth”, or serrations on their edges.  You can identify these leaf features in the photo below of the leaves of an American Elm at the Agnes Scott Arboretum.

American Elm Leaves

A bit of American Elm Treevia–The Liberty Tree, a rallying point for American rebels before the American Revolution, was an American Elm.  It became such a notable meeting place for the revolutionaries that British soldiers cut it down in 1775.

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