Endowment 101 | December 2020

endowment-post-event_december_2020.jpgEndowment 101 is Back!
Watch an Endowment 101 Session featuring Agnes Scott College's financial consultant, Ellwood Associates. This virtual session— originally recorded on December 14, 2020—provides a high-level overview of the purpose and management of an endowment.

Topics for this session include the following:
  • What is an Endowment: Donor Gifts, Perpetual Time Horizon, Maintain Corpus and Spend a Portion of Earnings, Grow Portfolio Over Time, and Net of Inflation
  • Endowment Investment Objectives: Time Horizon, Return Objective, and Risk Tolerance
  • Types of Endowment Risks: Inflation, Drawdown, Volatility, Liquidity, and Spending
  • Balancing the Endowment Equation: Spending vs. Expected Return
  • Asset Classes Available for Investment
Featured Speakers:
  • Mr. Adrian J. Cronje, Ph.D., CFA (Trustee & Chair, Investment Sub-Committee of the Financial Success Committee)
  • Mr. Chris Krakowski, CFA, CAIA, FRM (Ellwood Associates)
  • Mrs. Ellen Ogan Martel, AIF (Ellwood Associates)