Agnes Lifelong Learning - Fall 2017

Quantum Electrodynamics, Standard Model and Strings

Instructor: John Boccio, Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, Swathmore College

Location: Bullock Science Center, Teasley Hall G-09

Parking: Complimentary parking is available in the West Parking Facility (P2) and on E. Daugherty Street

Course fee: $100

Max class size: 40


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We will investigate a wide range of ideas concerning the theory of elementary particles. These concepts will be studied by first developing the original particle field theory, namely quantum electrodynamics (QED). We will learn how the behavior of light and electrons is understood using quantum physics and Feynman diagrams. We will then use the ideas from QED to study modern particle physics as understood by the so-called Standard Model. Finally, we will endeavor to understand what string theory is all about and if it has any physical content. All work in the class will only require high school level algebra and geometry.

No course materials will be necessary. The students will be able to get all necessary materials off of my class website.

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Meeting times

Saturdays - September 16 through November 4, 2017 (8 weeks); 2:30-5:30 p.m. each week