Non-Degree-Seeking Students

All courses are open on a space-available basis to non-degree-seeking students.

For-Credit, Transient Students

If you are a female or male student at another institution, you can earn college credit by taking classes at Agnes Scott as a transient student. You will be graded on the same scale as our full-time students. At the end of the term, you can request the Agnes Scott registrar to send a final transcript to your home school.

Not-For-Credit Auditors

If you are a community member or an alumna, you can audit classes at Agnes Scott. You will be awarded a grade of “audit” for each class.

Tuition & Fees for 2015-2016

Transient students pay $1,541.50 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $6,166.

Auditors pay $150 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $600.

Transient students and auditors pay no fees other than class books and materials.

Financial Aid

In most cases, Agnes Scott financial aid is not available to transient students. No financial aid is available to auditors.

Apply Now

Transient Student Admission Application (PDF)

Auditor Admission Application (PDF)

Submit your application as early as possible.