Jade Domingue

Jade Domingue

Jade Domingue

Admission Counselor

Phone: 404.471.6136
Email: jdomingue@agnesscott.edu
Territories: Georgia 2 (Fulton), Illinois, Louisiana, Arkansas, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska; Joint Enrollment

Languages: English (native)

High School: Cabrini High School, New Orleans, LA

College: Loyola University, New Orleans

Major: English Writing

What’s one thing you’d rather not do without? Spicy Food

A word or phrase to describe myself: Inter-sectional Feminist

Favorite book: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 

Favorite movie: The Sound of Music

At Agnes Scott since: 2016

Why I work at Agnes Scott: I get to introduce exceptional women to exceptional opportunity.

Favorite spot on campus: The fireplace in the library

Favorite spot in Decatur: Agnes Scott College

Favorite spot in Atlanta: Margaret Mitchel House (Gone with the Wind author's home)

3 reasons to attend Agnes Scott: 

  1. Experience the value of a liberal arts education in a diverse community.
  2. Discover the endless adventures and opportunity
  3. Surround yourself with the next generation of female leaders, academics, and change-makers.

Advice/tips for prospective students: Take advantage of your admission counselor and ask meaningful questions about your application and the programs that you are interested in.  No question is too silly during this process.  College searches can seem daunting, but your education is too important to jump into without having all of your questions answered.  And if we do not know the answer, we are more than happy to direct you to someone who does!