Emily Welsh

Emily Welsh

Emily Welsh

Senior Assistant Director of Admission and Admission Visit Coordinator

Phone: 404.471.6419
Email: ewelsh@agnesscott.edu
Territories: Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia 1 (Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas), Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Languages: English (native)

High School: Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT

College: Lebanon Valley College
Major: Digital communications
Life before Agnes Scott: Render Experiences
What's one thing you'd rather not do without? Snow and my parent's black lab, Bailey. I travel too much to have one of my own right now, but one day I will. For now, every time I go home, she's always ready to snuggle.
A word or phrase to describe myself: Thoughtfully exuberant
Favorite book: I have always loved To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite movie: "My Best Friend's Wedding" - I know all the lines, and in high school I was pretty sure it depicted my future circumstances (thankfully I know now that it didn't)

At Agnes Scott since: 2015
Why I work at Agnes Scott: Because of the great leadership, team, and students I get to work with.
Favorite spot on campus: Julia Smith Thompson Chapel
Favorite spot in Decatur: Farm Burger - It was one of the first places my friend took me to when I moved to Atlanta 5 years ago.
Favorite spot in Atlanta: Tough decision, but I've got to say Piedmont Park because I love to see the skyline or Tin Lizzys because, their chips.

3 reasons to attend Agnes Scott:

  1. Opportunities - Both here in Atlanta and abroad. Studying for a semester in The Netherlands was the best thing I ever did.
  2. Community - The women here are closely connected with one another and with their professors and staff. The traditions on campus are unifying factors that bridge all generations.
  3. Summit - What an incredible initiative. The entire globe will be your community.

Advice/tips for prospective students: Don't be afraid to go far from home. I was a homebody and terrified to leave, but going 6 hours away to school was the best decision I ever made. I learned about myself, made amazing friends and prepared myself to live 19 hours away from home now here in Atlanta. Technology enables you to communicate with everyone just as if they were here, and I am sure that you will find someone to provide a few hugs should you want them.