Emily Davis Hamre '15

Emily Davis Hamre '15

Emily Davis Hamre '15

Senior Admission Counselor

Phone: 404.471.6426
Email: ehamre@agnesscott.edu
Territories: Georgia 3 (DeKalb, Gwinnett), Georgia 4 (Clayton, Fayette, Henry, Rockdale, Conyers), Georgia 6 (Savannah, Southeast Georgia), Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana

Languages: English (native)

High school: Greenfield School (Wilson, NC)

College: Agnes Scott College
Major: History
What’s one thing you’d rather not do without? Goldfish, specifically my two aquatic friends, Rudolph and Blue Ivory. Trust me, you never knew goldfish could be so cool.
A word or phrase to describe myself: Quirky-cool in a bibliophile way
Favorite book: “Seabiscuit” by Lauren Hillenbrand
Favorite movie: Shall We Dance - I can't resist a good Astaire/Rogers song-and-dance

At Agnes Scott since: 2011, as a student. I received my job offer the week before graduation.

Why I work at Agnes Scott: As an alumna, I had the chance to see firsthand the impact that Agnes Scott has on all of the amazing women who come through her doors. Knowing so many people, myself included, who were changed by their experiences here, I want to help future Scotties get the chance to experience the greatness of Agnes Scott.
Favorite spot on campus: The stacks of McCain Library
Favorite spot in Decatur: Dancing Goats Coffee Shop
Favorite spot in Atlanta: The Starlight Drive-In Theatre

3 reasons to attend Agnes Scott:

  1. You’re in a city full of nothing but opportunities and on a campus that reflects them.
  2. You get the chance to meet so many unique women who are dynamic, determined and, I’m convinced, will one day change the world.
  3. You get to be one of these women.

Advice/tips for prospective students: Don’t be afraid to opt for a unique college experience. Everyone has a perfect fit, and yours is not necessarily the same as your friend’s or your family’s. Dare to be different because you never know what you might find!