Administrative Assessment Support Team

The Administrative Assessment Support Team is charged with encouraging, coordinating and facilitating assessment practices for administrative units of the college by reviewing and evaluating annual assessment plans and reports for these units; ensuring that administrative units have student learning outcomes, when applicable; maintaining assessment records; monitoring best practices and providing training in institutional effectiveness; and creating a culture of continuous assessment-based improvements for administrative functions. The team reports annually to the officers of the college on the climate for assessment and the quality of assessment activities.

The associate vice president chairs the Administrative Assessment Support Team, which works through divisional liaisons. In addition, there are two ex officio members: the chair of the Academic Assessment Committee, who ensures that the team’s work in assessment is coordinated with that of the Academic Assessment Committee; and the director of institutional research, who serves as a resource for institutional data and data collections methods.



Lea Ann Hudson, Office of the President; chair
(President, Communications & Marketing, Equity & Inclusion)
Doug Fantz (Academic Affairs and Assessment Committee Chair)
Henry Hope (Business & Finance)
Bret Busch (College Advancement)
Angela Eyer (Enrollment)
Tomiko Jenkins (Student Affairs)
Corey Dunn (Institutional Research)

The AAST is here to help and support units with their assessment activities!
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