Purchasing Policy

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Business - Accounting

System: Ellucian Colleague, Excel, or Word document

Person(s): Budget Manager, Principal Investigator (P.I.) of Federal grants, and employees delegated by budget manager to make purchases.
Objective: To obtain all supplies, equipment and services at the lowest cost to the college that is consistent with quality, service and availability and in compliance with Circular A-110   C.44 procurement procedures.

Procurement Policy: The following policies and procedures shall be followed when employees purchase equipment, materials, supplies, property, or services from an outside source.

A. General Policy

    * No Conflict of Interest.  All employees who participate in the selection or acceptance of a contract for equipment, materials, supplies, or services must comply with the college’s conflict of interest policy.  No employee will participate in the selection or acceptance of a contract involving a conflict of interest without the approval of the board.  “Conflict of interest” includes situations in which the employee, family member, or board member has a financial interest in the business or individual selected for the contract. For more about conflict interest, including the compliance form to complete, please click here.

    * No Purchase of Items for Personal Use. No employees who participate in the selection or acceptance of a contract for equipment, materials, supplies, or services shall use such items for personal use.
    * All hardware and software purchases must be approved by and coordinated through Information Technology.

    * No Receipt of Gratuities.  No employees shall solicit or accept gratuities, favors, or anything of value from contractors, potential contractors, or parties to agreements with the college.

    * No Purchase of Items Not Approved in the Budget.  No employees shall solicit or accept any equipment, materials, supplies, or services that have not been approved by the Board of Trustees in the annual budget without prior approval of the board.

    * Document Cost Analysis.  Each employee shall conduct a cost analysis and document the analysis in the procurement files in conjunction with every purchase $25,000 and more.  The procurement file should include a justification for the lack of competition if competitive bids or offers are not obtained.

    * Contract with Winning Bidder. If a contract is competitively bid, the college will enter into a contract with the winning bidder that specifies the equipment, materials, supplies, property, or services to be purchased and the payment terms.

B. Acquisition Procedure

    The college will conduct all procurement transactions in a manner that maximizes opportunities, increases quality, and reduces the cost of purchase.  The college reserves the right to reject any bids or offers, if deemed to be its best interest.

    * Pricing Procedures.  One of the following procurement procedures shall be utilized for all purchases of equipment, materials, supplies, property, or services involving federal funds or involving amounts $25,000 and more:

o    Open Market Inquiry.  The college will inquire in the open market to ensure an    advantageous price and quality.  The file shall document the inquiries made and offers received.
o    Request for Competitive Quotes.  The college will request competitive quotes, orally or in writing, from at least three different sources.  The file shall document each invitation made and offer received.                                                                                                                          
o    Formal Proposal Procedure.  The college will solicit competitive responses through a formal bid procedure.  Bids will remain sealed until the time designated in the proposal.  All requests for proposals shall contain the phrase “Equal Opportunity Employer.”
 * Document Prices.  The college shall maintain files on all quotations solicited and offers or bids received and any criteria for selection.  Documentation of such needs to be attached to the requisition for payment if federal grant money is used for the purchases.  In all instances in which the lowest bid is not awarded in the contract, justification for the selection must be contained in the file.

C. Equipment Policy

   When purchasing equipment, the following procedures must be followed:

    * Title in the Name of the College.  All equipment purchased belongs to the college and title vests with the college.

    * Equipment Inventory.  A list of all equipment of $5,000 and more owned by the college shall be maintained accurately and shall include the following information:

o    A description of the equipment.
o    Manufacturer’s serial number, model number.
o    Source of the equipment, including the award number.
o    Whether title vests in the recipient or the Federal Government.
o    Acquisition date and cost.
o    Percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the equipment.
o    Location of the equipment.
o    Unit acquisition cost.
o    Ultimate disposition data, including date of disposal and sales price or the method used to determine current fair market value.

The inventory list must be completed at the time of purchase and annually at the end of the college’s fiscal year.
A physical inventory of equipment shall be taken and the results reconciled with the equipment records at least once every two years.

Where the recipient is authorized or required to sell the equipment, proper sales procedures shall be established which provide for competition to the extent practicable and result in the highest possible return.
    * Insurance Coverage.  The college will maintain insurance coverage for all equipment owned by the college.

D. Additional Policies When Using Federal Funds to Purchase

    * Federal Debarment.  Before purchasing goods using federal funds, the college must review the Federal Government’s General Services Administration’s “List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement of Non-Procurement Programs” and document that the bidder is neither debarred nor suspended from doing business with the federal government nor delinquent in a debt to the United States as defined in OMB Circular A 1-29.

    * Equipment of Federal Government.  Equipment purchased with federal funds that cost $5,000 and more is generally considered the property of the federal government and must be disposed of through the applicable federal procedure.  When the recipient no longer needs the equipment, the equipment may be used for other activities in accordance with the following standards.  For equipment with a current per unit fair market value of $5,000 or more, the recipient may retain the equipment for other uses provided that compensation is made to the original Federal Awarding agency or its successor.  The amount of compensation shall be computed by applying the percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the original project or program to the current fair market value of the equipment.  If the recipient has no need for the equipment, the recipient shall request disposition instructions from the Federal awarding agency.

E. Contracts or Subcontracts for Construction or Facility Improvements

   Contracts or subcontracts for construction or facility improvements exceeding $100,000, the Federal awarding agency may accept the bonding policy and requirements of the recipient, provided the Federal awarding agency has made a determination that the Federal Government’s interest is adequately protected.  If such a determination has not been made, the minimum requirements shall be as follows:

    * A bid guarantee from each bidder equivalent to five percent of the bid price.  The “bid guarantee” shall consist of a firm commitment such as a bid bond, certified check, or other negotiable instrument accompanying a bid as assurance that the bidder shall, upon acceptance of his bid, execute such contractual documents as may be required within the time specified.

    * A performance bond on the part of the contractor for 100 percent of the contract price.  A “performance bond” is one executed in connection with a contract to secure fulfillment of all the contractor’s obligations under such contract.

    * A payment bond on the part of the contractor for 100 percent of the contract price.  A “payment bond” is one executed in connection with a contract to assure payment as required by statute of all persons supplying labor and material in the execution of the work provide for in    the contract.

    * Where bonds are required in the situations described herein, the bonds shall be obtained from companies holding certificates of authority as acceptable sureties pursuant to 31 CFR part 223, “Surety Companies Doing Business with the United Sates.”

    * All negotiated contracts (except those for less than the small purchase threshold of $25,000 and more) awarded by recipients shall include a provision to the effect that the recipient, the Federal awarding agency, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their duly authorized representatives, shall have access to any books, documents, papers and records of the contractor which are directly pertinent to a specific program for the purpose of making audits, examinations, excerpts and transcriptions.