Agnes Scott College PNC Bank VISA Purchasing Card “P-Card” Program (formerly, JP Morgan Chase MasterCard)

The Agnes Scott College PNC Bank VISA purchasing card "P-Card" is a standard issue VISA card that may be used by College employees for authorized business purchases within the delegated authority limit. The P-Card is the College's primary tool for purchases of non-computer related items, business related items under $5,000.  The P-Card is also the primary tool for payment for travel and college related expenses for Agnes Scott College.  Cardholders must follow Agnes Scott College’s policies and strive to obtain the maximum ultimate value for each dollar of expenditure. Additionally, College employees and officials assigned P-Card responsibilities should familiarize themselves with the College’s policies regarding the P-Card.

The use of the card is beneficial to the Agnes Scott College Community.  In order to fully utilize the rebate program from PNC Bank that helps the College's operating budget, we are requiring that only the ASC PNC Bank VISA P-Card be used for College expenses.  

If your supervisor has told you that you have been approved to receive a PNC Bank VISA P-Card, your first step is to review the

Employee Agreement and Procedure for PNC Bank VISA P-Card Program ,

sign the last page, and

return the signed last page to the Senior Accountant in the Office of Accounting in Buttrick Room 108.

After you have been notified that you have a P-Card to pick up in the Office of Accounting, your next steps after obtaining your P-Card are to follow the links below in numbered sequence to properly set-up and manage your P-Card:

PNC Bank VISA - IntelliLink Admin Guide - User ID and Password Sample Emails

PNC Bank VISA - Cardholder Guide - REVISED - Creating A Memorable Word-1

PNC Bank VISA - EXPENSE REPORT complete instructions & how to show account numbers

Note: The "Post Date" of a P-Card transaction is the date assigned to it when it gets into your Informer Budget Activity Detail report after it has been approved inside the online PNC Bank VISA IntelliLink system by your supervisor, etc.

Click here to log into the PNC Bank VISA IntelliLink Spend Management system