Expense Object Codes

effective from 07/01/2011 forward

50000 * Operations – General (please keep in mind that 50000 is the default, for use when no other expense object code on this chart below fits exactly)
50014 Registration fees for Training, Workshops, etc.
50090 Membership Dues
50100 Courier/Messenger
50111 Moving Expense/Employee
50120 Photocopying & Office Services
50131 Postage/First Class
50132 Postage/Bulk Mail
50180 Awards (only for use for Student Awards winner payments)

51000 Supplies – General (use if no specific 51xxx code fits)
51130 Laboratory Supplies
51240 Stationery Supplies

52000 Contractual – General (use if no specific 52xxx code fits)
52100 Honoraria (only for people who are not Agnes Scott College employees;
payments to employees need to be processed differently and through payroll)

56000 Travel – General (use if no specific 56xxx code fits)
56010 Fuel for college-owned vehicles (only for fuel)
56020 Airline travel costs
56040 Mileage reimb ONLY (personal vehicle use mileage reimbursements)
56060 Lodging & food during trips
56090 Zipcar use (the car-sharing company)

57000 Meals & Entertainment – all

60000 Equipment & Furnishings – General (use if no specific 60xxx code fits)
60106 Laboratory Equipment

60200 Computer Equipment-Hardware

60202 Computer Software