Discount Vendors


The biggest discount is 100% when it's FREE! So before ordering supplies, please check out the

Office Swap

Effective 01/17/2019, the Green Team established Bullock Science Center copy room (102E) as the physical space for our campus Office Supply Swap. Please come by and peruse anytime you need anything. And as you find office supplies you don't need, please drop them by. When you do so, be sure to correctly organize them so that we don't leave a mess for others. The Office Swap is just for office supplies that you think others might need.

The Green Team will occasionally post pictures of available items on its Facebook page. Search "Agnes Scott College Office Swap" to add yourself to the page.


If you still need to order something you cannot find on-campus for free, the college has discount arrangements with vendors and services below.



Office Depot

The College contracts with Office Depot for discounted prices. If you already have a log-in ID & password set-up through the College's Accounts Payable Specialist, please click here to log into the Office Depot website to review options, place orders, etc.

If you need a log-in ID & password for the Office Depot website, please contact the College's Accounts Payable Specialist.


E&I Cooperative Services

For ordering items not offered by Office Depot, the College is a member of E&I, a not-for-profit purchasing cooperative serving the education sector. Please click here to review the vendors you'll want to contact to compare prices with any other vendors you may be considering.