Budget and Informer


If you have questions regarding which web browser to use with Informer Budget, or you run into a problem with your chosen web browser, please contact the office of information technology (ITS).



Annual fall BUDGET TRAINING (including Informer Budget use) for all budget managers, viewers, payment form completers, etc.

Tuesday through Friday, September 24 through 27, 2019

... multiple hour+ sessions to choose from (please attend at least one session)

... click here for detailed training schedule



College division vice presidents (budget officers) assign budget managers and/or budget viewers to budget, donor, and grant accounts administered by their respective divisions. To know how you became assigned to any particular account, or to request changes in mid- to late May each year to account assignments to be made effective for the start of the upcoming academic fiscal year, you can contact your division’s Budget Coordinating Committee (BCC) representative named below.

Hiring managers should contact their respective division BCC rep if they want a new employee to have access to any college accounts inside Informer Budget.

You should contact your BCC rep if you think changes are needed to multi-function device (MFD) account numbers charged when you print and/or copy on college MFD machines (the default account and/or if you need additional accounts to which you can charge specific print & copy jobs).

Division: President … Budget Officer = President Lee Zak …
BCC rep = Lea Ann Hudson

Division: Business and Finance … Budget Officer = VP Ken England …
BCC rep = Robert Gaskins

Division: Academic Affairs / Dean of the College / DOC … Budget Officer = Interim VP Christine Cozzens …
BCC rep = Emily Kandetzki

Division: Student Affairs / Dean of Students / DOS … Budget Officer = VP Karen Goff …
BCC rep = Shinade Ramirez

Division: Enrollment and Admission … Budget Officer = VP Alexa Gaeta …
BCC rep = Valerie Kote-Tawia

Division: Equity and Inclusion … Budget Officer = VP Yves-Rose Porcena …
BCC rep = TBD

Division: College Advancement … Budget Officer = VP Robiaun Charles …
BCC rep = Valarie Boatright

Division: Communications and Marketing … Budget Officer = VP Danita Knight …
BCC rep = Alberta Tennant

Those BCC reps assist their respective division Budget Officers with any requests to change assignments and access to that division’s various accounts.

Those BCC reps are a first-stop resource for budget managers and budget viewers for questions about their accounts, budgets, etc. Robert Gaskins is always a back-up, but the individual division BCC reps will usually have more "on-the-ground" knowledge about that Budget Officer's work with their budgets.

Those BCC reps maintain their respective divisions' ITS lists of valid account numbers each employee can see and charge to when using the college's MFD (multi-function device) print/copy/scan machines.  



To monitor and administer accounts, budget managers and budget viewers use the Informer Budget system by Entrinsik.

Below are key details about Informer Budget.

•    Works a lot like online bank transaction review websites ... this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to REMEMBER to successfully use Informer Budget

•    Web browser-based software, so works on PC, Mac, etc.

•    Log in from ASC office computer linked to the network, or link in remotely through the VPN to an ASC network-linked computer

•    Review-only system … you can’t post or request anything

•    Use the same single-sign-on ID and password that you use to log into the ASC network, ASCAgnes, etc. (i.e., your email address lettering before the @agnesscott.edu along with that password), and while connected through an ASC network-linked computer, log in here at: informer.agnesscott.edu


New Employee Orientation - Introduction to the Budget - Summary PDF