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Women's Studies

Women's Studies

The Women's Studies program will provide a praxis-driven, interdisciplinary, intersectional, feminist academic experience that prepares students to identify, analyze, reflect on and engage global and local issues, in order to challenge injustice.
- Vision Statement, August 2010

 Women’s Studies is an integral part of the curriculum of Agnes Scott College. Fully one-quarter of the Agnes Scott faculty teaches courses cross-listed in the Women’s Studies program. Women’s Studies courses invite students to explore gender and its intersections with sexuality, race and ethnicity, nationality and class. Women’s experiences are analyzed from the perspective of the humanities, fine arts, and social and natural sciences, and from interdisciplinary perspectives. In the process, students are exposed to feminist theory from across the disciplines. Controversial issues are approached from various viewpoints, inspiring lively classroom debate and critical thinking.  Increased knowledge about women and gender, a commitment to social justice, honed critical thinking skills and effective oral and written expression are goals of the program.

What will I study?
Women’s Studies students are particularly well positioned to reap the benefits of a broad liberal arts education due to the multidisciplinary nature of the program’s offerings.  Students enroll in courses housed entirely within the program as well as courses cross-listed with other disciplines. For example, a Women’s Studies major could take Gender Politics and Culture in Asia; this course is offered through the political science department but is also a women’s studies course. Courses offered by the Women’s Studies program itself include Introduction to Women’s Studies, Women and the Law and Feminism and Sexuality. What unifies courses under the rubric of Women’s Studies is their focus on the study of women and gender. 

Why should I major in Women’s Studies at Agnes Scott?

  • Campus Culture
    Women’s Studies equips students to think critically about what it means to be a woman in the world today. Because Agnes Scott is a college for women, and nearly all the humanities, fine arts and social science departments offer Women’s Studies courses, Women’s Studies is woven seamlessly into the fabric of Agnes Scott’s culture and curriculum.
  • Experiential Learning
    Due to the symbiotic relationship between theory and practice in Women’s Studies, many students participate in experiential learning opportunities. Recently, Women’s Studies students interned at the Feminist Women’s Health Center and conducted research about women and psychology at Georgia State University.
  • Campus Involvement
    Many Women’s Studies students are involved in campus clubs and organizations such as student government, WAVE, WITKAZE and the Collective. 

What can I do with a major in Women’s Studies?The liberal arts education provided by Agnes Scott focuses on intellectual inquiry and developing habits of mind that will enrich students’ lives well beyond their college years. Many of the skills honed here have straightforward applications in post-graduate contexts. As a graduate, you can:

  • Work in organizations dedicated to social justice
  • Pursue graduate or law school
  • Work in social service or nonprofit organizations
  • Work with agencies and businesses that focus on women
  • Teach

Women’s Studies Program Mission Statement
Adopted November 2002
The Women’s Studies Program is committed to providing a curriculum, co-curricular programming, community activities and program governance that are feminist. We understand feminist efforts to be those that critically analyze the conditions of women’s lives and that intentionally and consistently promote the flourishing of girls and women of all abilities, ages, classes, ethnicities, nationalities, races, religions and sexualities.