Gain Critical Skills for Law School
To prepare for law school, you’ll need to develop your problem-solving, writing, speaking and research skills—and embrace the ideas of public service and the promotion of justice.

As an Agnes Scott pre-law student, you’ll establish a sound foundation for the pursuit of your goals and your chosen career. Our challenging and broad liberal arts curriculum develops just the sort of skills and qualities law schools seek in applicants.

Pursue All of Your Academic Interests
Law schools advise pre-law students to major in a liberal arts subject of their choosing. There is no favored major—you can select any major that appeals to you as long as that major will challenge you and teach you to read carefully, to write and speak effectively and to think analytically. Law schools also prefer you to take a variety of electives.

Get a Taste of Law School Concepts
Many courses in our liberal arts curriculum, while not directly focusing on law, offer valuable preparation for law school.

  • Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic teaches the kind of logical analysis tested on the LSAT and necessary in the study and practice of law.
  • Political Science 203: Constitutional Law builds an understanding of legal reasoning and the development of law on issues of individual rights. Students read and discuss cases using the Socratic method followed in law school.
  • Women’s Studies 235: Women and the Law examines selected constitutional and statutory aspects of the law with particular impact on women’s lives, culminating in a moot court simulation arguing an as-yet unsettled contemporary legal issue.

Gain Hands-On Legal Experience
Agnes Scott’s location in Atlanta, in a major legal hub, offers abundant opportunities for students to observe or get directly involved in the legal process. Atlanta offers students numerous possibilities to test out their career aspirations by doing legal work.

Some students have had externships with legal organizations. For example, Agnes Scott students have done research for the ACLU, while others have worked in the office of the DeKalb County Prosecutor. Other possibilities include working for private law firms in Decatur or Atlanta. Many Agnes Scott students earn extra money observing their chosen career while working in area firms as receptionists, secretaries or clerks.

Join a Pre-Law Support Network
As you prepare for law school, you can rely on help from an active pre-law club, Publius; knowledgeable and approachable faculty; and pre-law advisers who will help you navigate the law school admissions process.

Publius sponsors frequent law-related programs, many of which focus specifically on law school admissions and often feature visiting law school admissions officers. Other programs give students opportunities to learn more about career options in law by featuring panels of attorneys in various types of firms, judges, legal advisers to organizations and legal activists.

In addition, a committee of pre-law faculty advisers works with the pre-law club and is available to advise students about law school and legal careers. Two of the current three members have law degrees, and the third has extensive and personal knowledge of the field of law.