Japanese language study at Agnes Scott enables students to understand and speak the language and learn the history, social practices and values of Japanese culture. The study of Japanese is important to students who wish to attend graduate school in Asian Studies or pursue careers in international business. An understanding of the history, culture and language of Japan will increase your job marketability as well as your knowledge of the country. Studying Japanese is also one of the ways to complete the Asian Studies minor.

What will I study?
The study of Japanese at Agnes Scott takes many forms, from in-class speaking to lessons on the history and culture of Japan. The Japanese faculty at Agnes Scott encourage students to practice speaking in the classroom, as well as to explore the culture through the use of videos, literature, magazines, newspapers and Web sites. Students can take advanced courses in Japanese language and literature through cross-registration as part of the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education.

Why should I study Japanese at Agnes Scott?

  • International Education Opportunities
    Every two to three years, Agnes Scott faculty lead a group of about 20 students to Kinjo Gakuin University in Japan during winter intersession as part of the Global Awareness program. In addition, our faculty participate in an exchange program. Students absorb the environment and culture of the country, as well as work on independent research projects.
  • Campus Involvement
    Many students in the Japanese program are members of ACASA, the Asian Cultural Awareness Student Association. In addition, students can expand their knowledge by watching Japanese cable, “NHK,” from their residence hall rooms. Many students view this program for news, soap operas, music, sports or just to get a feel for the Japanese language.

What can I do with knowledge in Japanese?
You will develop reading and listening skills, as well as conversational fluency in writing and speaking. As a graduate, you can:

  • Work in international business
  • Live or study abroad
  • Broaden your cultural awareness
  • Participate in JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching program), designed for college graduates to teach English in Japan