Meet the Faculty

Jim  Wiseman

Jim Wiseman

Professor of Mathematics

Contact Information

Phone: 404.471.6202
Office Location: Buttrick 331

Office Hours: Fall 2016
Monday 1:30-3:00,
Tuesday 2:30-4:00,
or by appointment

Academic Degrees

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Northwestern University
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Professor Wiseman's interests include dynamical systems, dynamics from the topological viewpoint, Conley index, dynamics on noncompact spaces, rigorous computation, fixed point theory, set-valued maps, voting theory, social choice and public health.

Professional Activities

Recent Publications:

Spectral decomposition for topologically Anosov homeomorphisms on noncompact and non-metrizable spaces, Topology and its Applications 160 (2013), 149–158​ ​(​w​ith Tarun Das, Keonhee Lee, and David Richeson)​.​

​Symbolic dynamics for nonhyperbolic systems, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 138 (2010), no. 12, 4373–4385​ ​(​w​ith David Richeson)​​.​

Itineraries of rigid rotations and diffeomorphisms of the circle, Theoretical Computer Science 411 (2010), no. 1, 259–265​ (​w​ith David Richeson and Paul Winkler (Dickinson College ’07))​.​

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