Jaiel Lockett

Jaiel Lockett '20

Major: Biology or Biochemistry

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Macon, GA

Advising Area: STEM

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

  • Pinky Promise (General Body Member)
  • GEMS (Participant)
  • Witkaze (General Body Member)

Summer Plans:

During summer 2017, I will be a camp counselor to kids from the age of 4-12 years at a Christian camp in my hometown. I also will be volunteering at the local hospital for a few hours each week and shadowing professionals to get a taste of what medical career I would like to pursue.

Post-Graduation Plans:

After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and follow a career path in either obstetrics/gynecology or pediatric medicine.

Advising Tips:

I would definitely recommend making a planner an essential component of your academic life. It makes things so much easier to remember and you don't feel overwhelmed with deadlines, due to everything being so organized. I would also say to never procrastinate. I was such a procrastinator in high school, but coming to Agnes, I've realized that college is so fast-paced so it's necessary to get a head start on assignments as soon as possible.

To me, academic success is…

striving to the best of your ability to excel at anything you do and as a result, being able to experience the favorable outcomes that follow.