Hannah Piecuch

Hannah Piecuch '19

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Advising Area: Social Sciences

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action (President)
  • PALS
  • HERO
  • Agnes Scott College Community Orchestra

Summer Plans:

I plan on working as an assistant in a disability services office, volunteering with Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region and CHOICES Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, and being a nanny which will include violin tutoring.

Post-Graduation Plans:

I hope to attend graduate school after Agnes, where I'm not exactly sure what I will specifically pursue, but hope to specialize in something involving human sexuality, education, and counseling.

Advising Tips:

College can be overwhelming in unexpected ways because you have so much more scheduling freedom compared to high school, and all this time can be really daunting, but if you use it proactively it can also be very freeing. Planning ahead to make sure you get your work done will reduce stress, and best of all will leave you with free time leftover to do things you enjoy.

To me, academic success is…

about setting your own personal academic goals and knowing you tried your best to meet them.