Gabriella Chebli

Gabriella Chebli '19

Major: Biology or Chemistry

Hometown: Miami, FL

Advising Area: STEM

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

  • SPARK (member)
  • Scotties for Change (member)
  • The Aurora Magazine (Junior Chief Editor)

Summer Plans:

I am currently waiting to hear back from multiple REU's (research experiences). Acceptance would lead to summer research in either chemistry or biology. My alternative plan is to spend part of the summer with family in Berlin and then do some traveling around the US visiting friends and family.

Post-Graduation Plans:

I am considering graduate school in a field along the lines of environmental science or wildlife biology. However, I may take a gap year after graduating from Agnes Scott.

Advising Tips:

Don't spend all of your time studying. Though studying and doing well are definitely important, it's ok and healthy to take a break to hang out with people and make new friends. Likewise, don't blow off your studies, as this will just lead to extra stress during exams. Use your first semester to find your happy medium when it comes to socializing and studying.

To me, academic success is…

enjoying what you are learning.