Estephania Hernandez

Estephania Hernandez '18

Major: Mathematics and Philosophy

Minor: Education

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Advising Area: STEM

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

  • Chicago Posse Scholar
  • Charles A. Dana Leadership Scholar
  • Center for Writing and Speaking (Tutor)
  • Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society in Philosophy (Vice President)
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society in Leadership
  • Association for Women in Mathematics

Summer Plans:

  • GFSTEM Math Research with Dr. Bayless: Dynamics, ecology, and games
  • Philosophy Research with Dr. Millson: Explanatory virtues in science
  • Summer Institute Program in Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh

Post-Graduation Plans:

Fulbright Research or ETA in Colombia, PhD program in History and Philosophy of Science

Advising Tips:

Visit your professors during office hours! Believe it or not, professors get lonely when students don’t visit them during the hours they specifically set aside for students. Even if you simply drop by to say hi or to discuss questions from class, visiting your professors enables you to develop a rapport with them. They are also great resources for internship and career plans.

To me, academic success is…

willingness to take on challenges, pursuing intellectual interests, and taking advantage of available resources and career opportunities.