CJ Montgomery

CJ Montgomery '20

Major: Africana Studies

Minor: Education

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Advising Area: Arts and Humanities

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

I am a tutor for the Center for Writing and Speaking, a senator representative for the class of 2020, and I am a member of Pinky Promise.

Summer Plans:

This summer I plan to work with a girls empowerment program that I designed. I also plan to spend a lot of time with family and friends, and I want to read some books from my bucket list.

Post-Graduation Plans:

After graduating from Agnes Scott, I plan to go right into an elementary education master's program. After receiving my masters, I would like to teach in an inner city elementary school in my hometown.

Advising Tips:

I would advise all new students to set personal achievable goals for themselves. (I am more than happy to help with this.) Also make sure to purchase a planner to keep of with assignments and extra-curricular events.

To me, academic success is…

meeting or exceeding personal goals one has set for individual classes.