SUM IT Up Series

The fall 2017 SUM It Up workshop series consists of weekly sessions spread over a month-long period. As planned, these workshops will be organized according to the three conferences of STEM, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Each week, the organizing theme or learning strategy will be the same for all sessions [e.g. Week 1: time management skills (motivation), Week 2: study skills (retrieval practice or “self-testing”), Week 3: note-taking skills (spaced out learning), Week 4: academic success services (varied practice)], and followed by the October & November Group Advising Sessions (overcoming failure/embracing challenges & success), although the specific treatment within the sessions will reflect differences among the conferences, not to mention the SUMMIT and SUMMIT Peer Advisors who run them. Regardless of week or conference or team of advisors, each session should follow a similar agenda. This plan, or template, should allow each group of advisors to tailor their sessions to their particular strengths and personalities, without sacrificing coherence across the program or within the individual sessions. To that end, we propose a template for each session that is comprised of five sections identified by simple action verbs: reflect, best practices, model, act, and tease.