OAA Staff 2016

Jennifer Cannady
Assistant Dean of the College and Director of Academic Advising and Student Success
Buttrick G15B
404 471-6284

The director supervises academic procedures and policies in addition to managing office operations and staff. The director of academic advising is also responsible for:

  • Academic content of New Student Orientation
  • Placement tests
  • Dual-degree program administration
  • Independent study
  • Special study
  • Coordination of programs supporting student success
  • Exceptions to academic policies
  • Leave of absence
  • International transfer credit evaluation

Machamma Quinichett
Director of SUMMIT Advisors and Associate Director of Academic Advising
Buttrick Hall G-28
404 471-6150

The associate director helps monitor academic procedures and policies and facilitates informational workshops to support academic success and student retention. The associate director is also responsible for:

  • Assigning major advisors
  • Directing the SUMMIT Advisors Staff
  • Directing the Academic Probation Outreach Program
  • Facilitating information sessions and workshops that promote academic success
  • Counseling and advising students about strategies for academic success
Courtney M. Burton
SUMMIT Advisor
Buttrick Hall G29A
404 471-5554

Jessamyn Doan
SUMMIT Advisor
Buttick Hall G29D

Elizabeth Egan Henry
SUMMIT Advisor
Buttick Hall G28A

Kai Jackson Issa
SUMMIT Advisor
Buttrick Hall G30B
404 471-5549

Tanzania Nevels
SUMMIT Advisor
Buttrick Hall G29C

Mathavi Strasburger
SUMMIT Advisor
Dual Degree Advisor for Engineering and Computer Science
Buttrick Hall G30 A
404 471-5553

Cynthia McPheeters
Office Coordinator
Buttrick Hall Room G15
404 471-6200

The office coordinator provides assistance to the assistant dean of the college and works with faculty, staff, students and outside contacts to provide support services for the department. The office coordinator is a notary public and is also responsible for:
  • Representing the office as the initial contact person for office information and procedural queries
  • Scheduling appointments for the associate dean of the college, assistant dean of the college/director of academic advising and the assistant director of academic advising
  • Reserving classroom space for students
  • Assisting with the note taking program for students with disabilities
  • Supervising work study students