Transient Credit

Transient credit is coursework/credit that a student completes at another higher education institution and may be applied to help complete Agnes Scott degree requirements. Students cannot earn transient credit at other colleges during the fall and spring semesters for courses that are being offered at Agnes Scott that same semester. Grades for transient courses are not factored into a student’s cumulative or major grade point average.

Watch the video below to learn about the process for getting transient credit approved:

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Transient credit can be used to help satisfy the following degree requirements:

  • Credit requirement
  • General education requirements (excluding intellectual breadth requirement - transient credit can NOT satisfy the intellectual breadth requirement)
  • Major requirements - usually no more than two semester courses of transient work may apply to the requirements for a major and only with approval from the  chair of the major department.
  • Minor requirements - usually no more than one

Transient credit is subject to the following limitations:

  • A maximum of 24 semester hours of transient work will be credited toward the 128 semester hours required for the Agnes Scott degree.
  • A maximum of 3 courses (normally the equivalent of 12 semester hours) may be taken each summer.
  • No more than two courses (normally the equivalent of 8 semester hours) can be taken at one time.
  • Transfer students should keep in mind the ASC residency requirement of earning 64 credits at ASC.

Process for Transient Credit Approval

Step 1: Identify the institution where you plan to complete transient coursework. Research that institution’s process for enrolling as a transient student. Be sure to follow the appropriate policies and deadlines in order to get enrolled in classes at the other institution.

Step 2: Complete Agnes Scott’s Transient Credit Approval Form.

Step 3: Get the appropriate signatures.

  • Approval is required from the Department Chair for the department housing the course you are planning to take.
  • Approval is required from your SUMMIT or major advisor as well.
  • If you are a dual degree student and planning to take a course required for the dual-degree as transient coursework, you must also get the approval of your Dual-Degree Advisor.

Step 4: Submit the completed form in to the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education.

Once a student completes approved transient coursework, they must submit transcripts from the other institution to Agnes Scott to have the credit added to their Agnes Scott record. Deadlines to submit transcripts for approved transient coursework:

  • For Summer courses: November 1
  • For Fall courses: April 1
  • For Spring courses: August 1