Registration and Credits

Course Load Basics

Regular Course Load To graduate in four years, a student must average completion of 16 credits per semester, 32 credits per year. 
Minimum Course Load All traditional students are required to maintain full-time status; the minimum load for full-time standing is 12 credits in a semester or 3 full credit courses. Completion of fewer than 16 credits in a semester will impact progress toward completion of the degree in four years. 
Maximum Course Load A student may enroll in a maximum of 20 credits in a semester. Any exceptions to this maximum must be approved by the dean of the college. Exceptions are only considered for students in good standing, and who have compelling academic reasons for their request. Students requesting an overload should have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and should not have received approval for an overload in the preceding semester. No approvals are granted beyond 23 credits in a single semester.
Credits Needed to Graduate To complete a degree at Agnes Scott, a student must earn 128 credits, including no more than 12 semester hours of internship credit. 

Adding Classes

Continuing Agnes Scott students will register for classes in AscAgnes based on their class priority, which will be posted on AscAgnes for each semester.  Students will need to meet with their advisor to have their advising hold lifted to allow them to enroll in classes. If students have declared their majors, they will need to meet with their assigned major advisor to be cleared for registration; if students have not declared their major, they will need to meet with their SUMMIT advisor to release the registration hold.

Learn how to search for classes on AscAgnes below:

What is the last day to add a class?

Check out the Academic Calendar to find important enrollment dates. Students can add classes in AscAgnes for the first four business days of the semester. After four business days, students will need to use a paper form available in the Registrar’s Office to add or drop courses, which may require the signature of the course instructor.  No new courses may be added after the last day to add classes as posted in the Academic Calendar.

Overloading Classes

Students may take no more than 20 credits in one semester. A student requesting an exception to this 20-credit maximum must apply to the Dean of the College using this online form Overload Request Form.  Exceptions will be considered only for students in good standing, and who present compelling academic reasons for their request. Students requesting exceptions should have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, and should not have received an approval for the preceding semester. No approvals will be granted beyond 23 credits in a single semester. If you have further questions on this process, please contact your SUMMIT Advisor.

Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

Once a student has enrolled in a class, if they determine that they no longer wish to remain enrolled in that class, they may have the option to drop or withdraw from the class depending on the circumstances and time of the semester. Below is information about dropping and withdrawing from classes, the different impacts on a student’s record, and the relevant deadline. In all situations where a student is dropping or withdrawing from a class, they must remain enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for the semester. If dropping or withdrawing from a class will place a student in a course load of below 12 credits, they will not be able to drop or withdraw from the class.

Dropping a class: The deadline to drop a class WITHOUT a W grade is posted on the Academic Calendar, which is typically three weeks after the first day of classes. Students should be sure to check the academic calendar for the exact date. Dropping a class is done through AscAgnes. When a student drops a class, the course will not be posted on the student’s transcript.

Drop a Class With a W Grade: Check out the Academic Calendar to find the deadline for withdrawing from a class with a “W” grade, which is typically after midterm grades are released. Before that date, you should schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss the consequences and benefits of dropping a class in your individual situation. If your advisor approves, you will need to have them sign an Add/Drop form (link?) and return it to the Registrar’s Office before 4:30pm on the last day to drop with a W grade. No one may withdraw from individual courses after this date with one exception, First Year Forgiveness.

  • First Year Forgiveness: Students classified as first-years (students who have earned fewer than 28 credit hours) and in their first two consecutive semesters of study at Agnes Scott may use the “First Year Forgiveness” request form to withdraw with a “W” grade after the regular withdrawal deadline through the last day of classes provided that doing so does not result in an enrollment of fewer than 12 credits. First year foundational courses (LDR 101 & 102 and GBL 101 & 102) are not eligible for withdraw. Students should contact their SUMMIT advisor to learn more about this process or to discuss whether or not to make use of this option. Your SUMMIT advisor must sign off in order for you to request this exception.

Medical Withdrawals: In case of medical emergency, a student may withdraw from a course with the designation MED (medical withdraw), which will appear on the student’s transcript. Medical withdraws are authorized by the Assistant Dean of the College only when a medical emergency is described and certified in writing by a licensed physician or psychologist at the time of the emergency. The student is responsible for ensuring written documentation is provided no later than the last day of classes. Students are allowed one opportunity for medical withdrawals.

**Important Note Regarding Financial Aid**

Credit hours dropped after the 10th calendar day of the semester will be included in the computation of financial aid eligibility. If a student receives financial aid, they should be sure to discuss this consideration with their advisor and/or the Financial Aid Office before making a decision about dropping or withdrawing from a class.

Auditing a Course

Students can obtain an audit agreement form from the Registrar’s Office. Auditing a class requires the approval of the instructor and the student’s advisor. Students are subject to any restrictions or requirements the instructor may wish to impose. Audited courses appear on a student’s transcript with a grade of AU. Should a student not meet the requirements of the audit agreement form, they will receive a grade of W.

The student’s academic record and course load are factors considered in granting permission to audit. The deadline for getting permission to audit a course is the last day to add courses as posted in the Academic Calendar.

If a student audits a course, they may not later take the same course for credit.

Incomplete Grades

When an extenuating circumstance at the end of the semester impacts a student’s ability to complete final assignments/exams, the student may request an incomplete. A student seeking an incomplete (I) must meet with the Assistant Dean of the College, who may authorize an I in consultation with the instructor. An I will be given only if the student has documented, extenuating circumstances supporting the request and has received a passing grade for completed course work. Incompletes are not appropriate in cases of excessive absences or missed deadlines throughout the semester. Deadlines for incomplete work are set by the assistant dean of the college but must not exceed 10 calendar days after the beginning of the subsequent semester. If work is not completed by the deadline, the I automatically becomes an F. When a pending Honor Court case is not resolved before the semester grade deadline, the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students will inform the Assistant Dean of the College to grant an incomplete until the Honor Court case is heard.

The Incomplete Request Form can be requested from the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education (Buttrick G-15)