Academic Policies, Procedures and Learning Strategies

Part of being a student is learning how to be a student at Agnes Scott. All students initially have questions like, “How many classes do I take each semester?”, "What strategies will help me learn course material?" and, “What is declaring a major, and why do I need to do it?”

On this site, you will find overviews of many of the academic policies and procedures that impact the student experience at Agnes Scott along with useful learning strategies.  This information should answer many of these commonly asked questions about major/minor/specialization declaration, registration and credits, cross-registration through ARCHE, getting approval for transient credit, and even leaving the college. It is also where you will find the final exam schedule. In addition, you can view videos which simplify the steps for several common processes, including major declaration, ARCHE cross enrollment, and transient coursework.

If you are looking for more information or have questions, please schedule an appointment with your SUMMIT advisor and major advisor. Finally, be sure to keep in mind that the official repository for all Agnes Scott College academic policy and procedure is the academic catalog.