Cross-Registration and ARCHE Classes

Cross-registration at ARCHE (Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education) member institutions allows students to take courses not available at Agnes Scott. In addition, students from other member institutions may enroll in courses at Agnes Scott.

Grades for courses taken through cross-registration are not factored into a student’s GPA, but grades of A, B, C, or D are accepted for credit hours. Only one general education requirement may be fulfilled by courses taken through cross-registration. The intellectual breadth general education requirements cannot be completed through cross-registration.

  • Maximum of 2 courses per term, total of 18 semester credits complete through ARCHE cross registration over student’s academic career at Agnes Scott
  • Must be in good standing
  • Must have completed at least one semester at Agnes Scott
  • May not be in their final semester before graduation

Students enrolled in cross-registration courses are subject to the regulations of the institution where the course is taken, including deadlines for application, registration and withdrawing from a course.


  • Deadline to Apply for Fall Classes: June 15
  • Deadline to Apply for Spring Classes: November 15

Students find out if they are approved to cross register through ARCHE right before the start of classes. When they are approved, a placeholder class will be added to their schedule in AscAgnes.

Helpful Links: Frequently Asked Questions about ARCHE Cross Registration

I am a first year student in my first semester at Agnes Scott College, can I take a course through cross registration.
No, you must complete at least one semester at Agnes Scott before you can cross register for a course through ARCHE.

We offer a course at ASC, but the time fits better if I take the course through cross registration. Is that acceptable?
Cross registration is only for courses not offered at ASC. If a conflict exists between two required courses and you will not be able to resolve the conflict by taking one of the courses in a later semester, permission may be sought to take the course through cross registration. Submit your application along with an explanation of the conflict to the Registrar's office, first floor Buttrick Hall. Final approval of the request rests with the host institution. (An example of a conflict is a student with a double major requiring two different courses offered at the same time.)

Do I have to be full-time at ASC to cross register?
No, but you must be enrolled in at least one course at ASC.

Is financial assistance available to help with transportation for cross-registered courses?
No. Not at this time.