How to Declare Your Major, Minor and/or Specialization

Every student will have a SUMMIT advisor, peer advisor, and major advisor during their time at Agnes Scott. They also may work with other advisors related to specific opportunities, such as the Health Professions Advisor, Dual Degree Advisor, etc.

  • SUMMIT Advisor - Each incoming student is assigned a SUMMIT Advisor before orientation to introduce them to the academic program and general degree requirements. The SUMMIT Advisor will advise the student through graduation.
  • SUMMIT Peer Advisor - A SUMMIT Peer Advisor is assigned to each student prior to orientation to provide guidance about the transition to college in the first semester.
  • Major Advisor - When a student is ready to declare a major and specialization, usually during their sophomore year, they will select a member of the faculty in the discipline of their major to serve as a major advisor. Read more about this process below.

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Step 1: Complete the Academic Advisor Preference form
It’s recommended to meet with your intended major advisor before completing the form. On the form, you will rank several major advisors in order of preference. You can find the list of major advisers here.

Step 2: In 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email notifying you of your assigned major advisor.

Step 3: Complete the Academic Program Declaration form
You can obtain the form online or pick up the paper form in the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of Buttrick.
Meet with your major advisor and complete the form together. The form requires signatures from both you and your major advisor.
Don’t forget to choose your specialization!

Step 4: Turn the completed and signed form in to the Registrar’s Office.
Congratulations! You have declared your major, minor and/or specialization!

Relevant Forms:

Academic Advisor Preference form
Use this online form to add, drop, or change your major advisor. If you do not receive confirmation of your new major advisor in 3 weeks, contact the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education. You may call 404-471-6200 or email

Academic Program Declaration form: Paper copies of form also available at the Registrar’s Office
This form is owned by the Registrar’s Office--the link above takes you to their website or you can pick up the paper form in their office on the first floor of Buttrick. Once you have been assigned a major advisor, schedule a meeting with them and complete this form together. When it is complete, turn it back in to the Registrar’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change my major advisor?
You can complete the Advisor Preference Form (from Step 1) of the major declaration process to request a change to a different major advisor.

What happens to my SUMMIT Advisor when I declare my major?
Your SUMMIT Advisor remains your advisor for your entire academic career at Agnes Scott. When you declare a major, your major advisor joins your board of advisors. Once you have declared your major, you will need to meet with their assigned major advisor (instead of your SUMMIT Advisor) to be cleared for registration. However, you can still continue to meet with your SUMMIT Advisor to discuss your curriculum, long term planning, etc.

What do I do if I am declaring two majors?
If you plan to declare a second major, you will need to complete the entire major declaration process for the intended major, which includes completing the Advisor Preference Form and the Academic Program Declaration form.

Do I get an advisor when I add a minor?
To declare a minor, you will only need to complete the relevant section of the Academic Program Declaration Form. You will not be assigned an advisor once you add a minor. You may consult with faculty in the relevant department for advice as well as your SUMMIT advisor.