Academic Advising Forms


Academic Advisor Preference Form
Drop, add or change your major advisor.
Course Schedule Worksheet (PDF 35 KB)
Plan your semester by listing your semester courses. It is helpful to complete this worksheet in preparation for an academic advising session.
Develop a weekly plan to manage your time effectively. 
Transient Credit Approval Form (DOC 100 KB)
Complete coursework at another institution.
Complete this form to authorize release of educational record information.


Register for accessibility accommodations for equal access to buildings and all aspects of the academic program if you have a documented disability.
Exam Accommodation Request Form (PDF 282 KB)
Make arrangements for testing accommodations if you are registered with the Office of Academic Advising and Student Disability Services and this is one of your approved accommodations. Please read the policies and procedures for testing with accommodations.
Note Taker Request Form 
Obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education.
Note Taker Sign Up Form (PDF 46 KB)
Volunteer to serve as a note taker.
Special Housing Accommodation Request Form (PDF 102 KB)
Live in accessible housing if you are registered with the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education.


Directed Reading/410 Course Application (DOC 19.8KB)
Directed Reading courses are open to qualified juniors and seniors to pursue reading outside a program’s listed courses. Nonmajors who demonstrate sufficient preparation in the discipline may apply for a 410 course. 
Directed Research/440 Course Application (DOC 19.8KB)
Directed Research courses are open to junior and senior majors to work with a faculty member on a project related to a particular field of intellectual or artistic interest (non-
majors who demonstrate sufficient preparation in the discipline may also take 440 courses). 
Senior Thesis Application/490
Only students classified as a senior, with a cumulative GPA of a 3.00 or higher and with the support of a faculty director, are eligible to apply. 
Develop a proposal to design and interdisciplinary major if such a major is not offered.
Keep track of your progress towards completing a Student-Designed Major.


Incomplete Request Form
Obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education.
Language Course Exemption Petition (PDF 86 KB)
Request an exemption to or substitution for the language requirement if you have proficiency in a language other than English prior to enrollment or if you are registered with the office of student disability services for a learning disability that precludes learning a foreign language.
Overload Procedure
The maximum load in one semester is 20 credits. Students with a compelling academic reason to request an exception to this maximum may use this form. Please note exceptions will only be considered for students in good standing and who have completed two or more semesters at Agnes Scott. Students requesting exceptions should have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and should not have received an approval for the preceding semester. No approvals are granted beyond 23 credits in a single semester.
Petition to Repeat a Course with a D (PDF 62 KB)
Request written approval from the program chair and the assistant dean of the college for permission to repeat a course with a D grade.
Withdrawal Form
Obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education.