Frequently Asked Questions

ASC Dual Degree Computer Science - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I major in any program other than Computer Science at Emory University?

Yes. But the dual degree programs are for computer science (B.A. and B.S.) and nursing (B.S.N.) majors only.

Will I be able to use the financial aid provided by ASC at Emory University?

No. The financial aid package you have at ASC does not go with you to Emory. Once admitted via the Dual Degree Program, you become an Emory student, and you must apply for financial aid there. This requires a separate in addition to the pre-application:

Do I have to select a math major at ASC?

No. As a first-year student, you should explore ASC majors and select the major that aligns with your academic interests. Remember, that the Dual Degree Program is designed to support students in the pursuit of a liberal arts and computer science education! Most Dual Degree students take 4-5 courses a semester, with ⅓ of their bachelor's degree being satisfied by SUMMIT, ⅓ by the computer science prerequisites, and ⅓ by their declared major. With planning, students are also able to complete either a Global Learning or Leadership Development Specialization prior to transferring to Emory.

Do I need to finish my ASC major requirements before transferring?

No. In fact, this program is not intended to provide for the completion of an ASC major. Students completing this program receive a B.A. degree from ASC and the transcript will reflect a “major” in “Dual Degree Computer Science.”  You do need to complete all general education requirements and remain “on track” with your major with a minimum of 92+ total semester hours earned (whereas “on track” means that you would be able to finish the major in 4 years if you decided to stay at ASC).

Can I finish my ASC major if I want to?

Yes. If you are able to complete all of the requirements for the ASC major (and/or minor) you declared before you transfer to Emory, then this major will be reflected on your ASC transcript instead of dual degree computer science. It is NOT possible to continue taking courses toward your ASC major after you transfer (i.e. you cannot transfer credit back to ASC or cross-register for courses back at ASC after transferring in order to complete your ASC major).

Can I study abroad?

Yes. But this requires both careful planning and that you submit an additional official transcript to Emory University.

Can I start with MAT 117 in my first semester?

Yes. It is important for all Dual Degree students to complete the math skills and calculus readiness placement exams. The Emory prerequisites are not merely a checklist, but demonstrate a student’s preparedness for success in the rigorous computer science curriculum. It is important to remember the goal is to develop a strong mathematics foundation prior to enrolling at Emory. When beginning with MAT 117, your ASC math sequencing will be: First-Year Fall - MAT 117; First-Year Spring - MAT 118; Sophomore Fall - MAT 119; Spring Fall - MAT 206.

When I cross-register for course(s) at Emory University via ARCHE and Emory University’s semester starts earlier than ASC, may I move into the ASC dorms earlier?

Yes. You will need to notify Residence Life that you will be moving in early because you are cross-registered in an Emory University course for that semester.

For further information, please contact the Dual Degree Computer Science Advisor:

Dr. Elizabeth Egan Henry