Admission Process

Complete the online pre-application with the Dual Degree Computer Science Advisor and submit with an unofficial transcript by the January 15th deadline: Emory University accepts dual degree applications for fall semester only. If the application is approved, the student will then be asked to complete a transfer application in early March. Note: If you do not successfully complete the requirements for the Emory University degree, you will return to ASC and be given an opportunity to complete the requirements for your ASC degree.

To participate in the ASC commencement ceremony of your “class” year, notify the ASC Registrar by February 1st of that year. No diploma will be issued until completion of the full program at Emory University. You may opt to wait to participate in the ASC commencement ceremony after you have completed the program.

Upon completion of your program of study, request that Emory University send an official transcript to the ASC Registrar in order to receive the ASC degree.