Dual Degree Program in Computer Science

Dual Degree in Computer Science

The Best of Both Worlds

Earn a well-rounded, liberal arts degree at Agnes Scott followed by a specialized computer science degree at Emory University. With the dual degree, you’ll be able to study a variety of subjects that interest you in a highly collaborative and supportive environment while you work toward focused expertise in computer science.

B.A. Degree from Agnes Scott

You will spend your first three years at Agnes Scott where you will study a liberal arts curriculum developed by Agnes Scott and the Emory University Department of Mathematics & Computer Science. The Bachelor of Arts coursework will provide you with a broad education in many disciplines in addition to preparing you for the computer science curriculum at Emory. Agnes Scott’s academic program emphasizes collaborative interaction with professors and classmates, development of articulate writing and speaking skills, and critical analysis of exciting subjects through both classroom and applied learning opportunities.

B.A. or B.S. in Computer Science from Emory

You will spend your final two years at Emory where you will study a computer science curriculum in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science plus one additional course outside the department to meet Emory’s general education requirements. You may work toward a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree depending on your interests.

Program Requirements

To officially enroll in the Dual Degree Program in Computer Science, please complete the Intent Form below as soon as possible. Thereafter, Elizabeth Henry, Dual Degree Advisor, will begin advising those interested students. For more information, please review the Student Information Sheet and Student Application.