Dual Degree Engineering Program

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With the Georgia Institute of Technology

The Best of Both Worlds

The Dual Degree Program in Engineering allows students to combine a liberal arts education at Agnes Scott College with engineering coursework at Georgia Institute of Technology. Students will attend Agnes Scott College for approximately 3 years and the Georgia Institute of Technology for approximately 2 years. Upon completion of the academic requirements of both institutions, the student will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Agnes Scott College and a Bachelor of Science in engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

B.A. Degree from Agnes Scott College

During their time at Agnes Scott College, students will delve into academic experiences that emphasize collaborative interaction with professors and classmates, development of articulate writing and speaking skills, and critical analysis of exciting subjects through both classroom and applied learning opportunities. Students will spend approximately three years at Agnes Scott College experiencing the beauty of a liberal arts curriculum while preparing themselves for their future career in engineering. While at Agnes Scott College, students will select a major that aligns with their academic interest while completing the required coursework necessary to transfer to Georgia Institute of Technology.

B.S. Degree from Georgia Institute of Technology

Upon acceptance, students will transition to the Georgia Institute of Technology to complete their relevant coursework. Depending on the chosen engineering discipline, the academic journey will take approximately two to three years. Once students have completed their coursework at Georgia Institute of Technology, their B.A degree and B.S degree will be conferred by the respective institutions.

Program Requirements

To officially enroll in the Dual Degree in Engineering Program, complete the Intent Form below as soon as possible. Thereafter, Mathavi Strasburger, Dual Degree Advisor, will begin advising those interested students. For more information, please review the Student Information Sheet, the Dual Degree Program in Engineering Transfer Equivalencies, and Georgia Institute of Technology's Admissions Requirements for the Dual Degree Engineering Program.