Your SUMMIT Advisors

Your SUMMIT Advisor remains with you all the way through graduation, guiding you in selecting courses, choosing a major, and discovering special opportunities such as internships, mentored research, and study abroad. Should you have academic difficulty, your SUMMIT Advisor will help you design a realistic plan to get back on track. Goals could include: communicating with the professor, meeting with peer learning assistants for tutoring, visiting one of several campus resource centers, or seeking counseling through the Wellness Center. 

Together, our team will work to:

  1. Collaborate with students from enrollment through graduation to develop a customized educational plan that includes course exploration, major and career goals, service learning, and impactful experiences such as study abroad, internships and mentored research.
  2. Develop a positive relationship with students in a supportive environment.
  3. Provide guidance about opportunities that connect students to meaningful experiences aligned with their passions, interests and life goals.
  4. Prompt students to reflect upon the integration of the liberal arts curriculum, global learning, leadership development, and their major course of study.