Furyal Ahmed

Furyal Ahmed '21

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Minor: Mathematics

Hometown: Lawrenceville , Georgia

Advising Area: STEM

Current Extracurricular Engagements:

  • Mortar Board (Secretary)
  • Association for Women in Mathematics (Secretary)
  • American Chemical Society/American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Treasurer)
  • Learning Assistant in the Resource Center for Math and Science

Summer Plans:

This summer I will be doing an REU (research experience for undergraduates) at the University of Michigan studying enzyme mechanisms.

Post-Graduation Plans:

I plan to go to graduate school in biochemistry.

Advising Tips:

Don't spend all your time studying. It is all too easy to spend all your time holed up in your room studying, but make some time to go to events on campus or join some clubs! Striking a good balance between studies and your social life is really important for your mental health.

To me, academic success is...

doing your best and enjoying it!