COMPASS for Faculty


  • Enables instructors and advisors to send alerts if there are concerns about academic performance, “kudos” to acknowledge good performance, and referrals to additional support services.

  • Enables online appointment scheduling for students with instructors, advisors and support service offices who may schedule through COMPASS.

  • Provides students with a view of their “Success Network” in one place that includes information about current instructors and advisors.

COMPASS provides a convenient way to track your students in your roles as instructor and advisor and promotes a more integrated and efficient campus-wide advising system. COMPASS will automatically display all of your assigned advisees and all students enrolled in your courses for an active term. Depending on your role with your individual students, you will have the option of raising early alerts on their academic progress and recording & reviewing notes for advising sessions.  

For detailed instructions use the following guides or review the directions below:


Log-in to COMPASS at

Setting Up Your Profile

You can enter information under your Profile that will allow students to search for and contact you through COMPASS.

1. Log in to COMPASS at using your Agnes Scott user name and password and enter your office hours.

2. To access your profile, click on the "hamburger" navigation menu on the top left and then your name.

3. Edit your alternate contact information if applicable.

4. Upload your Photo to help students put a face to your name.

5. Complete the General Overview and My Biography sections so students can learn more about you.

6. Click the Submit button.

Setting up Your Office Hours

The first time you log-in to COMPASS you will be asked to enter office hours, which will allow students to schedule an appointment with you online and will automatically send both you and your student an appointment reminder via email. If you didn't enter your office hours the first time you logged in or if you need to change them, follow these instructions:

1. In the upper left corner of your home page, click on Appointments and then the + Office Hours icon.

2. Complete the Add Office Hours form that pops up.

3. Click the Submit button. You can view your COMPASS calendar in three different formats: Agenda, Day, or Week.

Customize Your Appointment Preferences

You can specify the location and duration of your available appointment times and set a scheduling deadline for making appointments.  

1. Click on your name at the top right corner of your home page and then the Appointment Preferences tab.

2. Select your Minimum Appointment Length.

3. Select your Scheduling Deadline – e.g., if appointments must be made by 5 p.m. the day before.

4. Add a location to My Locations so students know where they can meet with you.   You can list more than one location and when you make appointments in COMPASS, you can select the option you want.

5. Click the Submit button.

Note: The Calendar Manager feature is not currently enabled for faculty advisors or course instructors.

Setting Up Email & Appointment Notifications

1. Click on the left corner "hamburger navigation" menu and then your name and then select the Email Notifications tab.

2. Under Appointments Notifications, Summary Emails and Tracking Item Notifications, set your preferences for if/when you want to be notified of appointments and flags.

3. To receive iCal attachments, check the boxes to receive an individual email every time there is a new or canceled appointment.

4. Instructions on how to connect your COMPASS calendar to your Google calendar are available at the bottom of the blue Appointments Notification Box.

5. Click the Submit button.

View Your Student List

1. Select Students from the list of the "hamburger navigation" menu on the upper left corner and click on the My Students tab.

2. You will only be able to see students that you have connection with as either their faculty advisor and/or instructor. You can search for students by…

    • Typing the student’s name or ID number into the Search field.

    • Choosing your Connection (i.e., Instructor, Primary Advisor or Major Advisor) to them.

    • Selecting a specific term.

    • Selecting specific demographic information.

3. Click on the Tracking tab next to the My Students tab in order to raise, view, comment, manage, or resolve a tracking item (flag, referral, or to-do) issued to one of your students.

View a Student Folder

If you are an advisor to a student, you will have full access to the entire student folder while instructor access is more limited. Your specific connection(s) to a student will dictate how much information you will be able to view on that student.  When you see a student’s name as a hyperlink, it will link you to the student’s COMPASS folder.

1. Select Students from the "hamburger navigation" menu at the top left corner in COMPASS and then click on the My Students tab. Hover over the student name and click on the hyperlink.

2. Depending on your level of access, you will find information in the student folder on…

    • Appointments (past/upcoming)

    • Notes (you added/shared with you)

    • Tracking items history (raised & cleared alerts)

    • Courses and Networks

3. From the student folder you can…

    • Raise a flag.

    • Add a note.

    • Email a student.

    • Schedule a meeting.

Respond to an Academic Progress Survey

COMPASS gives you a convenient way to support your student’s learning and progress by raising academic progress alerts (flags, to-dos, referrals & kudos) when you observe excellent work or academic performance that concerns you, alerting the people on campus who can intervene. Completing this survey in a timely manner is an integral component of student academic success at Agnes Scott.

    • You will receive an email twice a semester at your Agnes Scott email via COMPASS requesting that you complete an Academic Progress Survey for each of your courses.  

    • Follow the instructions below for completing the survey and contact the Office of Academic Advising (404-471-6200) if you need assistance or have questions about the survey.

1.Select the Progress Survey link on your COMPASS Home page to go the Progress Surveys tab (only visible when you have active surveys).

2. Check the boxes to raise academic progress items about certain students.  If you do not have an academic progress item to raise about a student, the default survey response is set to No Feedback.

3. Add Comments to the progress items you raise by clicking the comments icon to open a text box for your notes.  Comments are optional for some progress survey responses and required for others.

4. You can Submit a Draft of the feedback you are submitting, but make sure to go back and hit Submit when complete.

5. Click Submit when you are finished to raise the selected progress items.

Important: Once you have submitted the survey you will not have an opportunity to add to or undo the items you raised. Use the Submit Draft option if you are not ready to submit your survey.  

Resolving COMPASS Alerts : Flags, Referrals, and To-Dos

Most alerts issued in COMPASS should be resolved by the course instructor who raises the alert. Once an alert has been raised on a student, it is very important to resolve the alert as soon as possible. Interventions are most effective when they occur at the time the issue has been raised. Flags that have been raised on your students will appear under your ‘Home’ tab under ‘Flags I’m Managing.’  If additional assistance is needed to address an academic concern, please contact the Office of Academic Advising at 404-471-6200.

You are now ready to start using COMPASS to connect to your students!

Technical Assistance: If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 404 471-5487 or

Training Support: If you need assistance with using COMPASS or scheduling training, please email