College isn’t just a next step, it’s a chance to explore the world and make it a better place.

Liberal arts colleges provide students with the tools to think deeply and critically and to lead lives of purpose and consequence informed by that thinking.

As a top liberal arts college in the South, Agnes Scott will help you acquire the skills and capabilities to navigate new and unfamiliar territory. We want you to be able to think and rethink—indeed to continually rethink—the world and your role within it.

You’ll be able to explore a wealth of subjects and interests throughout college and have greater flexibility with your career options later in life. At its core, a liberal education is intended to help you grow as an individual, gain a deeper understanding of our world and enjoy a lifetime of learning.

Do you agree with any of these statements? If so, attending a liberal arts college may be right for you.

  • I like so many different subjects, I want to study all of them.
  • I want flexibility in my career path.
  • I like learning for its own sake.
  • I like to analyze—and solve—complex problems.
  • I want to be successful at many things in life; not just my professional life.
  • I want to make a difference in the world.