Video Recording Policy

The Media Services staff will provide video recording support for college events which are listed below.  These events are identified as having a historical, institutional or academic importance and have been designated by the library archivist or college officers to be placed into the college archives.    

All events must be requested at least two weeks in advance via email to and a note should be put in EMS before the recording takes place.  All speakers must provide written consent to being filmed by filling out the Video Recording Release Form.  A minimum two week turnaround time for processing a video (i.e., making copies, minor edits, etc.) should be anticipated. 

Events that will be recorded

*Events with an asterisk will only be recorded upon request

  1. Commencement
  2. Baccalaureate
  3. Black Cat’s Junior Production
  4. Convocations (only Founder's Day, MLK *, Senior Investiture *)
  5. Summit LeaderStories * 
  6. Grant/donor funded lectures * (e.g. Gladden, Hart, Dunaway, Hubert, Chao)
  7. Kirk events * (public concerts and lectures only)
  8. Writers’ Festival (recording only the keynote speakers)
  9. A.C.M.E lectures *
  10. Orchestra *
  11. Joyful Noise *
  12. Jazz Ensemble *
  13. Collegiate Chorale *
  14. Dance recitals * (will film one) 
  15. Theatreworks *  (will film one) 

Events that will not be recorded
Events in this category will not be recorded by the Media Services staff.  Departments, organizations or individuals can 1) check out a camera and related equipment from the library and choose a representative to be trained by the Media Services staff to handle the video recording or 2) Media Services staff can recommend an outside contractor from a list of preferred vendors to record your event.

  1. Personal recordings for students and faculty (student and faculty recitals, etc.)
  2. Club or student organizations
  3. Events hosted by off-campus groups (e.g., Decatur Book Festival keynote speaker) 
  4. Events hosted by individual academic and non-academic departments not included in the list above (e.g. Writers and Scholars series)

Recruitment, Retention, Donor Relations and Alumnae videos
Video related requests associated with recruitment, retention, donor and alumnae relations should be directed to the Communications and Marketing office.  

Rev. July, 2019