Technology Purchasing Policy

Information Technology (IT) is charged with supporting college owned computer hardware, software and peripherals in ways that meet the college’s strategic priorities and support the mission of the college.  IT is responsible for maintaining the college network, servers, workstations, and peripherals, maintaining quality at reasonable costs.  This policy establishes standards, guidelines, and procedures for the purchase of college technologies regardless of the funding source.

All technology related purchases must go through the IT Department, regardless of the funding source.   IT purchases technologies that are sustainable, compatible with existing systems, and can be efficiently supported.  As a result, IT has numerous agreements with hardware, software, network, and telecommunication vendors, service agencies, multimedia companies, software developers and others. Centralized purchasing of technology hardware and software ensure: 

  1. compatibility with campus network environment;
  2. compliance with campus technology security policy;
  3. suitability based on assessment;
  4. licensing compliance for software purchase;
  5. hardware and software that can be efficiently supported;
  6. availability of sufficient resources (including initial and recurring costs);

Standardization allows the college to efficiently select and manage technology, obtain better technology pricing, reduce maintenance costs and increase access to training and assistance.  These standards are re-evaluated periodically based on common needs, vendor offerings, cost, reliability, supportability, quality, sustainability, compliance with recycling policies and timeliness of vendor response.   Purchase of non-standard technology components must be justified with the IT Department. The college will not reimburse or support the purchase of any technology related item, unless that purchase was made through and/or with approval of the Associate Vice President for Technology.

Agnes Scott College is dedicated to sustainability and ensuring the technology utilized by the college is energy efficient and made through environmentally responsible methods.  Agnes Scott College strives to purchase computers, monitors and laptops that are EnergyStar certified and/or rated EPEAT silver or higher whenever possible.  Information Technology also purchases 100% post consumer recycled paper for use in all academic support local and network printers.

To learn more about the EPEAT computer rating system visit

Technology Purchasing Procedures
All college technology requests are processed through the Technology Purchasing Coordinator located in Information Technology regardless of the general ledger account.  The purchasing procedure can be initiated by contacting the Technology Purchase Coordinator for consultation at x6320 or via email at
To facilitate turn-around, and to give the best possible service, please have the following information available or included when requesting or submitting a request:

  • Quantities
  • Complete item description(s)
  • General Ledger account to be charged
  • Date needed

Requests should be submitted with sufficient time to obtain price quotations and place orders without causing undue delay. Please provide as much lead-time as possible. To duplicate a previous purchase, the prior order should be referenced.

Purchases using either 14 or 16 general ledger accounts require the requesting faculty member to complete the ASC OSP Technology Purchasing form and gain approval by the Office of Sponsored Programs before any purchase will be placed.
When an order is ready to be placed, the budget manager for the general ledger account will give permission in writing to the Technology Purchasing Coordinator.  A Purchase Order will be prepared and the Associate Vice President for Technology will sign the purchase order and it will be sent to the vendor of record.  Once invoices are received, a Check Request will be generated and sent to the office associated with the general ledger number. 

May 30th of each fiscal year is the last day to place a technology order.  This deadline allows sufficient time to receive items and process invoices for payment.

Specialized or high volume requests
Requests for large numbers of computers, standard configurations with additional components, or requests for non-standard equipment may require several weeks notice. Equipment orders from vendors typically range from 1 to 4 weeks from order to delivery, depending on the unit or components ordered.

Current Desktop Standards

  • Apple: iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Air, iPad, iPad mini – all configurations
  • Hewlett Packard:  Desktop, laptop (mobile and docked), network, multi-function and personal printers
  • 22” or > monitor
Business level systems are required.  Home-level systems are not allowed on the campus network.

Rev:  July 2017