Science Building iPad Cart Usage Policy

Cart Scheduling/Use
  1. SB-iPad Reservation Calendar is available under Public Folders
    1. Amy Whitworth and Alix Valcin have full control of the calendar
    2. Science and Math faculty access to calendar allows
      1. Create access to add entries to the calendar
      2. Each faculty member can edit or delete their own entries but not those of other faculty
  2. You can make the SB iPad Reservation calendar visible by selecting it from your Other Calendars view in Google Calendars
  3. Scheduling conflicts are to be resolved between those faculty involved, with resolution based on time needed, pedagogy, and applications
  4. Avoid booking the cart for the sake of booking them.  There should be a planned need for them specified in your course syllabi
  5. iPads are not to be taken outside the building without approval by Molly Smith
  6. Science Building iPads are not to be used for personal use
  7. Faculty needing to setup a iPad for an experiment may take the iPad home over night after notifying Alix Valcin.
  8. Removal of individual iPads from a cart for “partial cart use” is not allowed
Storage, Access and Handling
  1. Storage
    1. IPad Cart will be stored the AV Storage Room, 306 or G22E (NEED TO DECIDE)
    2. Each iPad is labeled iPad Science # (1-25)
    3. Cart should remain locked at all times unless being used in a classroom or lab setting
    4. Each time a cart is removed, complete the IPad Check Out Log for the cart
    5. Each time a cart is returned, complete the IPad Check In Log for the cart and PLUG cart power into the wall for iPad charging
  2. Delivery
    1. Faculty, TA’s and Lab Specialists are responsible for delivering cart to the room
    2. Cart should not be left unlocked & unattended in a classroom!
    3. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to distribute the iPads
  3. Return
    1. Cart should not be left unlocked & unattended in a classroom!
    2. Faculty are responsible for allowing sufficient time for iPads to be returned to the cart prior to the end of class or lab
    3. Place each iPad in their labeled location within the cart
    4. Plug up each iPad to their power brick
    5. Faculty, TA’s and Lab Specialists are responsible for returning cart to the appropriate storage location  
    6. Verify that all iPads are present before leaving the room
  1. Contact ITS to report missing iPad
  2. All iPads are setup in managed mode.  Any apps that you need installed for repeated use will need to be coordinated with Information Technology.  Contact the ITS Help Desk to request apps to be installed on the iPads.  If you load apps yourself, they will not remain active when iPads are powered off and back on.  Maintain the iPads in a managed mode ensures a consistent setup for all.