Network Account Policy

Everyone who joins the campus community will receive a network account for accessing email, logging onto computers, and other campus resources.  In order to receive an account your immediate manager will fill out a form that is turned into Human Resources, and they will send the information to Information Technology.

A secure login and password is required to access campus technology services. Agnes Scott students, faculty, and staff, are each issued a unique username and password to access college technology services. Such services include the campus network, network printing, AscAgnes, Moodle and more.

Account Creation

  • Staff or affiliate accounts are create within 48 hours of receiving a Personnel Action Form (PAF) from Human Resources.
  • Faculty accounts are created within 48 hours of receiving name and ID information from the Dean of the College and Human Resources.
  • Incoming student accounts are created after receiving appropriate information from the Admission Operations unit of Enrollment.
  • Generic ID and shared accounts are strenuously discouraged and must be avoided whenever possible. Approval from the associate vice president for technology is required for any request for a generic account to be granted.
  • Alumnae email accounts are created at the end of every spring semester, after the Office of the Registrar provides a definitive list of graduates to Network Services.

Account Changes

  • Notices of employee name changes are only accepted from Human Resources.
  • Modifications to student accounts can be made only after receiving official notification from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Network username and email addresses will be changed with proof of a legal name change supplied to Human Resources for faculty and staff, and the Registrar for students.

Account Deletion

  • Restoration of deleted network account data is not possible.
  • Notices of faculty contracts that are not renewed may come from Human Resources or the Dean of the College offices.
  • Notices of staff leaving the College are only accepted from Human Resources via an email to ITSHelp containing the staff member’s full name and last official day of work.
  • A staff member’s immediate supervisor may request that a network email account remain active for 30 days after an employee’s last day, to allow for notification to off-campus contacts.
  • Accounts for faculty and staff members are deactivated at 4:30 p.m. on the last day of employment and deleted the next business day.
  • When an account remains active after a staff member’s termination, it is the responsibility of the individuals supervisor who made the request to save email messages or contacts prior to the date the account is set to be deleted. ITS will not send out reminders.
  • Student accounts are deleted within 48 hours of receiving notification from the Registrar for Dismissal, Transfer and Withdrawal
  • Graduates retain their account for 8 months following graduation. Network accounts for graduates are deleted on January 15th.  Graduates are responsible for moving messages and contacts to a personal email account.

Alumnae Email

After graduating, every student receives a permanent email address in the domain “”. Network Services creates these accounts in June, following commencement in May. Alumnae Relations is responsible for maintaining these accounts once created, including changing passwords and updating users’ names.