Moodle Course Retention and Storage Policy

Rev:  October 2014
Effective: January 2015


  • Define how long courses contained within the Moodle Learning Management System will be retained.
  • Provide instructions for how to store video and audio files outside of Moodle and linking to them to ensure efficient use of Moodle storage.
  • Establish best practices to optimize Moodle performance.

Course Retention

  1. We will retain 3 semesters of courses in an “active state” on our MoodleRooms server and 4 semesters of courses in a backup state to allow courses offered every three years to be copied back to an active state.
  2. On July 1st of each academic year, courses (all materials associated with the course will be removed - files, grades, assignments, quizzes, etc.) to be moved to a backup state.
  • Example:  Fa2014, Sp2014, Fa2013 will be active within MoodleRooms; Sp2013, Fa2012, Sp2012 will be available in backup format.
  1. Courses in an active state can be copied by the faculty member to a new semester.
  2. Courses in a backup state will require the faculty member to submit a request to the ITS Help Desk to have their particular course moved.  You will need to supply the following information: Year, Semester, Course name, Course number: For example, Fall, 2012, Eng 110
  3. At the end of each semester
    1. an email will be sent to faculty asking if any of their courses can be deleted. The email will contain a warning that courses deleted this way cannot be retrieved.
    2. empty courses (courses without content/courses not used) will be deleted without notification.
  4. Through Google Drive you have unlimited storage capacity.  Backing up your courses to your personal Google Drive is recommended.                               

Moodle - Audio and Video Content Storage
To ensure efficient storage usage, audio and video files should be referenced from within Moodle, not uploaded to your course site

  • Create a folder on your Agnes Scott Google Drive
  • Upload your audio and video files to your Google Drive folder
  • Set the appropriate share permissions
  • Link to the shared files from within Moodle
  • Instructions:

Retaining a Copy of Your Course Content

How to archive a course and download it to your computer hard drive or Google Drive

  • Create an appropriate folder structure for organizing your courses
  • ASC Video
  • Once you have downloaded your course to your computer, you must delete it from your private Moodle backup area.
  • DO NOT save your course backup to internal campus network storage.

Contact Information

For technical assistance with Moodle features contact Calvin Burgamy, x6059. Questions or concerns about these guidelines should be directed to Neta Counts, x6483.